Our History

To tell about the history of our Treadway Gardens, let’s start at the beginning.

In 1946, Frank and Inez Treadway were married in Middlesboro, Kentucky and decided on having their honeymoon in Dayon, Ohio. During their time in Dayton, they found they loved the location and decided on moving their residence permanently. In a short 23 years, Treadway Gardens was born!

Their business began with Frank and Inez selling fresh produce at the farm. Over time, as their family grew, the Treadway Gardens family grew too, with their children, grand children, and family friends being a big part of the moving pieces that make Treadway Gardens a great place.

With a concentration on quality and an appreciation for using time tested techniques to cultivate their products, Treadway Gardens popularity amongst the locals and small businesses has steadily grown throughout the decades.